Introducing a new radio show and podcast from the Oklahoma City Peace House

Batch speakingPeace House Radio

We have an exciting new show to share with you, hosted by Nathanial Batchelder, director of the Peace House in Oklahoma City. The show is so new it doesn’t’ have a name yet – ideas are welcome – but it does not lack a passionate voice for justice.

Nathaniel will share his and his organization’s long history working in central Oklahoma on issues like economic injustice, nuclear weapons, human rights and climate change. Nathaniel will feature the work that the Peace House is doing, and speak to guests who are at the forefront of peacemaking in Oklahoma and beyond.

I am thrilled to welcome Nathaniel to the Upwave Media family, and am sure you will enjoy the vast experience and deep commitment that he brings to the show. You can find it and all our shows at, and visit the Peace House website at



We’ll be setting up a dedicated blog and RSS feed for the new show soon. Ultimately, the show will be aired on KVOY Community Radio once they are on the air in 2017. Until then, listen online.

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