The Frame Shop

We did the photography and created a web site for Al Guay’s framing business in El Reno.

We made this site for literally no money, using Google’s free Blogger service to form a “static” business site of sorts out of a straight up blog platform. It takes some creative manipulation of link addresses to the “pages” from the front page, along with occasional post-dating of posts, but it can be done, even if you have an extremely small budget.

We used Picasa — another free service from Google — to host the rotating photo slideshow.

The photography is tricky, in that once the artwork is under glass, there’s a glare problem unless you have a controlled studio situation to compose and light the object. Aiming from an angle reduces the glare, but of course distorts the composition. So the photos are not the best showcase for the art, but then, we are more concerned with the amazingly well-made frames in this instance!

Full disclosure: Al Guay is the big brother of Net Routes’ owner.